Industrial Gas

Ideal for vendor managed inventory (VMI) and remote inventory monitoring

Solutions and Services

Let JMM Global take care of monitoring your pressurized tank levels, leaving you with more time to focus on customers.  Our industrial gas solutions can remotely monitor inventory levels and send alerts according to a previously established customized protocol.  JMM Global also provides a service that automatically submits purchase orders to your vendors when inventory levels are low, eliminating tank outages and avoiding unnecessary deliveries.  


Improve Business Operations and Profitability

Maintain Just-In-Time Process 

Know your tank levels at any given time and receive alerts at thresholds defined by you.

Automate and Reduce Manual Processing

Maintain accurate data and reduce error resulting from manual entry and on-site monitoring.

Maintain Service Level Agreements

Ensure inventory never drops below pre-set levels and use historical data to predict usage.

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