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Changing the way the oil and gas industry manages alarms, events,
and data

 JMM Global

As a Software as a Service (SaaS) organization, JMM Global provides a comprehensive software platform and environmental compliance expertise to manage above ground and underground storage tanks.  Our core business  include storage tank management solutions, 24/7/365 call center services, environmental project oversight, and fuel logistics inventory.  Combined, our software solutions and service deliver an outflow of information from the tank to the facility managers and vendors for regulation, inventory replenishment, and repair. 

Founded in 2002, JMM Global, a Geotab Company, is a committed partner in assisting  organizations in optimizing operations and mitigating risk from fines and violations.   JMM’s solutions are designed to evolve with your business. With over 80 years of collective experience in the oil and gas industry, JMM’s team has a wealth of knowledge in developing both traditional and innovative environmental management solutions.  Providing a service to our customers that focuses on reducing the complexity and liability associated with all aspects of regulatory-challenged assets.   

Mission: To keep our clients free from regulatory violations by providing outstanding customer service and customized product suites through innovative and efficient business operations.

About Geotab

Geotab is a global leader in telematics, providing open platform fleet management solutions to businesses of all sizes. Geotab’s intuitive, full-featured solutions help businesses better manage their drivers and vehicles by extracting accurate and actionable intelligence from real-time and historical trips data. Many Fortune 500 companies rely on Geotab’s technology to provide measurable management data.

One of our core values at Geotab is to innovate and continuously seek ways to improve. We are committed to advancing technology, empowering businesses and making the roads safer for everyone.




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