Company History

Over a decade of innovation

A Trusted Environmental Compliance and Asset Management Provider

A leader in the regulatory environmental compliance for aboveground and underground storage tanks.  JMM continues to grow and has proven its sustainability in regulatory compliance and asset management.


  • JMM Global acquired by Geotab, a global leader in IoT and connected transportation.


  • JMM signs a Fortune 500 Northeastern Petroleum and Petroleum Products company for inventory reconciliation and reporting purposes
  • Two environmental consulting organizations sign with JMM for compliance, regulatory affairs, and inspections using SIMS.


  • Began rebuilding entire data system to integrate into BSM Technologies business intelligence framework


  • Acquired by BSM Technologies, a Toronto based telematics company
  • Large transportation services organization signs with JMM for remote monitoring installations and upgrades.  Post install JMM will provide 24/7 remote monitoring and call center services.
  • JMM signs an Oil and Gas Exploration and Production company for 24/7 remote monitoring and call center services


  • JMM signs a company recognized on Forbes Largest Private Companies list in the Convenience Stores & Truck Stops industry for multiple services within the APEC system


  • Celebrated our 10 year anniversary
  • Conducting business as JMM Global and expanded  global presence to Canada, Europe and South America
  • JMM signs a Retail and Convenience Store partner and expands services into inventory reconciliation for reporting purposes


  • JMM signs an agreement with a player in the Gas Station industry to moving its services off the mainland to the South Pacific


  • Signed a partner in the Gas Station industry located on the west coast.
  • Began providing compliance and inventory management for both UST and AST for a major company in the Waste Management industry.
  • Started providing environmental compliance and regulatory affairs services for an organization in the Freight Forwarding Services industry.


  • JMM sells a software license to an organization in the Convenience Stores industry .  The first annual subscription model agreement.


  • JMM opens a satellite office in Oceanside, California


  • JMM launched APEC in a limited release for the purposes of tracking significant operational compliance events


  • Changed name to JMM Management Group, LLC.
  • JMM signed a partner in the restaurants industry as its first fully outsourced UST compliance management product offering


  • Company was founded and acted under JMM Environmental, Inc. Performing environmental compliance consulting to several major oil companies.

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