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Call Center Services

JMM prides itself on customer service.  The Customer Care Team is dedicated to providing superior support in every facet from kick-off through to post implementation of your solution. Support is offered 24/7/365 for all issues through the call center.  Moreover, the Project Management Customer Support Team is available during standard business hours to ensure your JMM experience exceeds your expectations.

Key Benefits

Customized Procedures

JMM’s Call Center Customer Care Team customizes procedures and response protocols to meet your expectations and needs, ensuring the appropriate action is taken for all calls. They abide by or create company-specific manuals to streamline protocol.

24/7/365 Support

JMM’s Call Center provides 24/7/365 support to monitor your business.  In today’s changing high-tech economy, utilizing an around the clock customer service center is a necessity. Providing a point of contact at all hours of the day for critical issues will not only allow business to run as usual but keep you in compliance as well. 

With JMM on your side you can sleep soundly knowing each call is being recorded, tracked, and resolved according to your customized protocol.

Work Order Management System

Accompanied by an in-house ticketing system to track progress, JMM’s Call Center uses a work order management system to dispatch tickets to the repair vendor according to the SLA.  We can also use your company’s preferred system if you already have one established.

Never Outsourced

JMM’s Call Center will never outsource.  You will always talk to a team member onshore. By not outsourcing, JMM’s Call Center guarantees quality control, confidentiality, flexibility, and liability.

Quick Response Time

JMM’s Call Center Customer Care Team are accustom to tight time constraints and acknowledge 95% of alarms in 30 minutes or less. Our team uses skill-based routing and automated workflows that empower them to quickly solve every issue increasing customer satisfaction.

Continuous Improvement Training

JMM’s Call Center Customer Care Team receive continuous improvement training on a regular basis to ensure they are up to date on your company’s latest needs. You will reach a quality assured Customer Care Team member at all times.

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JMM Global is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with regulated assets. JMM offers asset management solutions to owners confronted with the mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations.