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simsiconSmart Inspect Mobile Survey (SIMS)

JMM’s SIMS application was developed by our software engineers and industry experts with a combined 80+ years of experience. SIMS is a customizable Software as a Service (SaaS) solution storing survey data, detailed photos, and GPS tags to reports for robust record keeping while eliminating unnecessary paperwork and human error. This powerful storage tank compliance solution integrates with market-leading stationary asset management solutions giving the added convenience and benefit of accessing all your tank compliance and inspection data through one software portal.


  • Proactive approach to managing onsite compliance
  • Quick deficiency results and ability to trend recurring operational compliance issues
  • Workflow and resource efficient by storing and managing compliance data
  • Tailored to individual regulatory forms with specific fields for a flawless, comprehensive inspection
  • Instantly generate reports from a centralized location, pull records onsite, document inspection activity, edit photos, and create exception reports to document safety deficiencies

Key Features

Regulatory Compliance

SIMS adheres to all storage tank compliance regulations relating to fuel management system deficiencies, c-store and building deficiencies, release detection, corrosion protection, regulatory reporting, and testing.  JMM understands taking a proactive approach to managing compliance is necessary for business, so any changes in regulation is immediately updated in our software.  Inspectors have the ability to download records onsite, document inspection activity, edit photos, and create exception reports to document safety deficiencies.


  • Designed to mirror 2015 Federal UST Regulations preventing and detecting early release of product into groundwater
  • Relevant in today’s technology era by streamlining the inspection process as it relates to amended environmental regulation
  • Systems reduce the need for unnecessary onsite review and are essential sustainable solutions to environmental issues
Software as a Service (SaaS)

SIMS is flexible and completely customizable to specific forms and fields for a flawless, comprehensive inspection.  Not only does JMM possess new federal regulation inspection checklists, our Project Management Team has access to state and local agency checklists that are annually updated and tailored to your inspection needs with drop down menus, check boxes, GPS fields, and images for photo validation.

Remote and Onsite Capabilities

With JMM, connectivity is never an issue.  Even in remote locations, SIMS works offline so inspections can be completed even when there is no cell service.


  • User authentication and role based security capturing signatures as confirmation
  • Encapsulate inspection data with GPS metadata for accuracy and verification
  • User-friendly; non-technical team members can easily utilize
  • Capture photos for visual evidence
  • Record inspection results electronically in the field, online or offline when no network access is available
  • Accessible for iPhone and iPad
  • Browser based application
  • Communicate completed survey results on demand
  • Deficiencies prompt photos and corresponding reports
  • Manages task execution and follow up
Web-Based Administration

Administrators are able to utilize SIMS by tracking the progress of inspections in real-time from their laptop. Additionally, they can securely access storage tank compliance and inspection data through one system that integrates all platforms used. Moreover, SIMS is convenient to access and analyze data for preventative actions, reducing environmental liability.


  • Professional services, system training
  • On going, proactive account management
  • Customizable analytic reports
  • Deficiency tracking
  • Drives data form validation and generates comprehensive robust reports
  • Integrates with cloud based environmental data management solutions like APEC
  • Variable longterm data storage options available
  • Efficient data gathering with low system maintenance costs
  • Flexible pricing models available
  • 24/7/365 customer service
Environmental Solution

With JMM’s SIMS application you will ensure workflow and resource efficiency thus reducing materials and overhead cost. Additionally, SIMS can improve productivity, streamline operations, out of network operations, create more accurate inspections, and reduce complexity by:


  • Lower fuel costs and stop needless return trips to the storage tank system
  • Reduce staff time and unnecessary hand-offs
  • Reduce data entry times, increase data accuracy and accelerates the inspection process
  • Reduce or eliminate paper files
  • No more costly errors as a result of data entry issues
  • All inspection and testing information in one place
  • Improve inspection quality,  the key to effective risk management

Key Benefits

  • Custom surveys based on federal, state, and local compliance standards
  • Reduce data entry time, increase data accuracy, and accelerate the inspection process
  • Capture inspection results electronically in the field, online, or offline when network access is not available
  • Manage task execution and follow-up

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JMM Global is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with regulated assets. JMM offers asset management solutions to owners confronted with the mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations.