Fuel management solution that seamlessly integrates with suppliers to prevent run-outs


logo_ims_ver2_new Inventory Management Services (IMS)

JMM Global is pleased to offer fuel inventory management services for owners and operators of storage tank systems. JMM Project Managers and Partners easily monitor fuel inventory by utilizing the IMS dashboard within JMM’s Application Portal for Environmental Compliance system. Customized fuel inventory reports are emailed directly to fuel suppliers for best management practices, improving operations, and benefiting your bottom line.

Solution for operators to ensure product levels never below a set volume

  • Inventory levels can be polled on demand
  • Information can be delivered directly to the supplier
  • Seamless process to integrate with supplier system

Key Features

JMM’s software engineers developed an industry-leading fuel management system to verify fuel levels at any time. Through our proven IMS solution, you can:
  • View on demand fuel inventory from anywhere
  • Ensure fuel levels never drop below set volume
  • Never worry about connectivity with our state of the art connectivity reporting
  • Send real-time fuel levels to stakeholders via built-in APIs

Never worry about short loads again. With access to fuel inventory at all times through your laptop and mobile device, you can verify deliveries on the spot.  

IMS Predict

JMM’s IMS Predict is a powerful fuel reporting tool with automated data collection designed to work with all types of automatic tank gauges (ATG) and data management systems. IMS Predict takes IMS’s data integration a step further by forecasting optimal loads to determine precise delivery windows. With IMS Predict, you will ensure your fuel loads are well balanced.


  • Automated data collection supports a variety of tank gauge and accounting system processes
  • Forecast optimal loads and pinpoint delivery window times
  • Improved delivery forecasting abilities with fewer run-outs, diversions, and split loads
  • Powerful management reporting tools increase dispatch efficiency
  • Maximized transportation planning by analyzing statistical load sizes

Key Benefits

  • Obtain fuel levels at any time form any where an internet connection is available
  • Ensure drivers have the information needed for accurate deliveries
  • Verify fuel deliveries online to avoid short loads from suppliers
  • Calculates and records all fuel levels and sales


We are here to help with your environmental compliance needs

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JMM Global is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with regulated assets. JMM offers asset management solutions to owners confronted with the mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations.