APEC 2.0

Advanced monitoring and management software for the Oil and Gas Industry

apec_logo_2Application Portal for Environmental Compliance (APEC)

The APEC solution offers owners and operators of organizations with storage tanks a complete service package to meet specific asset management and environmental compliance needs. It allows customers to easily monitor inventory and pull reports on various types of data, including inventory recollection, alarms, deliveries, plus several more. Customers can also use APEC to view status of UST related alarms.  These alarms are investigated and dispatched to repair contractors as by JMM Global’s team of UST compliance experts. A team of experts work around the clock to ensure each alarm is managed with the appropriate response.

Designed, developed and hosted in the United States, APEC offers a complete service package to meet compliance needs including automatic tank gauge (ATG) monitoring, monthly release detection, significant event tracking, complete facility asset centralization and compliance testing scheduling.


  • View facility data and alarms from multiple states on one easy-to-use centralized dashboard
  • Receive customized alarms and events 24/7/365 to any mobile device or inbox
  • Instant notifications on ATG’s status
  • Create smart workflows for efficient inventory management

Key Features

Alarm Monitoring

Receive real-time alarm notifications and ability to dispatch repair

  • Access alarm trend reports to analyze and forecast exceptions
  • Go paperless with digital record keeping of previous alarm trends
  • Receive instant notifications on your ATG’s status 24/7/365
Release Detection Reporting

 Receive state required release detection data through remote monitoring

  • Store all raw release detection results for regulatory agencies to view at any time
  • Pulls daily release detection results ensuring significant operational compliance management
Event Tracking

Organize all historical data, permits, notifications, and event reminders

  • A means to organize reminders of one-time and recurring events
  • Generate reminders for upcoming events
  • Establish event email distribution lists
  • Store historical data that relates to completed events
Activity Log

Chronologically document all activities taking place in a particular location.  Attach supporting documentation i.e. repairs, maintenance, surveys,inspections, corrective action, SIR reports, etc.

  • Manage all non-event related activities and data
  • Secure access to all non-event related compliance activities
  • Provide comprehensive reporting tools
Facility Notice of Violation (NOV) Tracking

Interpret deficiencies address and repair deficiencies prior to re-inspection

  • Manage all non-event related activities and maintain data
  • Set triggers of NOV progress
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
Facility Spend Tracker

 Monitors in graph format days, weeks, and years of spend by category for budgeting purposes and trend analysis

  • Allows population of invoices into system for payment and tracking
  • Upload invoices and proof of payment into system for future reference
  • Categorize spending by category
  • Comprehensive reporting tools
Facility Throughput Tracker

Monitors the amount of fuel utilized on any given day, week, month, or year view based on product

  • Input of monthly throughput values
  • Tracking of permit throughput values
  • Receive electronic notifications when facility is nearing or exceeds allowable throughput limits
  • Comprehensive reporting tools

Cloud based filing cabinet

  • Single holding location for all documents stored throughout the APEC system
  • Search and store documents by location, category, sub-category or type


30/60 Day Cathodic Protection

Log rectifier data to maintain compliance

  • Schedule notification of 30/60 day CP rectifier checks
  • Contact facility on scheduled date to obtain readings
  • Compare voltage and amperage readings to previous readings


UST/AST Managed Testing, Dispatch, and Notification

Track regulatory compliance repairs, and retesting

  • Schedule required testing
  • Track recurring testing due dates
  • Notify site personnel of scheduled testing date and associated requirements
  • Coordinate test failure repairs
Inventory Management

Seamless integration with suppliers and easy varifacation of fuel levels

  • Secure web based access for all inventory levels
  • Guaranteed uptime connectivity to ATG (based on client’s network reliability)
  • Provide inventory levels to client, supplier, 3rd party dispatch vendor on a predetermined basis
  • Comprehensive reporting tool
  • Custom setting for run dry notification
  • Custom reports and analysis on fuel level trends
  • Integrated as part of the APEC solution or can be a standalone product
Inventory Reconciliation

Calculates product variance

  • Work with Client’s existing SIR vendor for SIR data management
  • Direct entry into the APEC System through dashboard capabilities
  • Web services for Client’s SIR vendor through JMM’s existing data framework
  • Reporting through the APEC system via either client’s SIR vendor or JMM’s SIR vendor
Work Order System

Automated process of entering, updating, and completing work orders and managing the dispatch of services

  • Exception based tool
  • Notification of open, incomplete, and closed work orders
  • Integrated as part of the APEC solution or can be a standalone product

Key Benefits

  • Experienced staff managed alarms generated by Automatic Tank Gauge ( ATG)
  • Remote tracking of ATG alarm conditions
  • Alarm trending to analyze and identify inoperable ATG components
  • Assist in improving existing infrastructure of ATG alarm conditions
  • Generate release detection reporting for specific time periods
  • Eliminate potential noncompliance occurrences with early detection and event scheduling
  • Photo album
  • Customize APEC system to storage tank facility needs

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Learn how the APEC system can assist with managing your above ground and under ground storage tank needs

About JMM Global

JMM Global is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with regulated assets. JMM offers asset management solutions to owners confronted with the mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations.