Bring transparency to your asset management practices with JMM Global’s compliance solutions

Storage Tank and Asset Management Solutions

Our focus is to develop products and services that provide real time information so you can make the best operational decisions.  Whether it be managing alarms, fixed assets, events, or regulatory inspections, we have a solution that can assist with your storage tank needs.

Application Portal for Environmental Compliance (APEC) 2.0

JMM’s APEC system includes automatic tank gauge (ATG) monitoring, monthly release detection, significant event tracking, complete facility asset centralization, compliance test scheduling, historical document retention, managed maintenance and much more to meet regulatory compliance requirements.

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Inventory Management Services (IMS)

IMS provides on demand fuel levels that can be viewed using a laptop or mobile device.

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Smart Inspect Mobile Survey (SIMS)

Customizable mobile inspection application designed to adapt to ever-changing regulations

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Operator Training

An online state approved Operator Training Portal (OTP) to certify Class A, B, & C Operators of storage tank systems.

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The SmartConnect Mobile Broadband Gateway utilizes a platform where JMM manages connectivity between the system and the ATG.

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The GW7000 is a remote based monitoring system used to manage pressurized gas and liquid industrial tanks.

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We are here to help with your environmental compliance needs

Learn how the APEC system can assist with managing your above ground and under ground storage tank needs

About JMM Global

JMM Global is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with regulated assets. JMM offers asset management solutions to owners confronted with the mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations.