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Transportation Solutions and Services

JMM Global’s unique set of storage tank facility asset compliance management solutions provide you with options that can be integrated and customized to best address your facility needs. JMM’s Application Portal for Environmental Compliance (APEC) system gives you the ability to monitor automatic tank gauges, detect monthly releases, track incidents and number of occurrences, centralize facility asset operations, schedule compliance tests, and manage maintenance. With the convenience to access and analyze data for preventative actions, you will keep your transportation bulk fuelling facility compliant and reduce unnecessary risks.

Application Portal for Environmental Compliance



APEC is a web-based environmental compliance and asset management tool that remotely monitors storage tank systems and automatically collects data with the ability to generate reports.


Inventory Management Services


With JMM’s Inventory Management Services (IMS), fuel inventory can be viewed on demand, fuel levels can be prevented from dropping below set volume, and real-time fuel levels can be sent directly to interested parties.


Smart Inspect Mobile Survey


Storing endless survey data, detailed photos, and GPS tags to reports is simple with Smart Inspect Mobile Survey (SIMS).  You can also access all your tank compliance and inspection data through one software portal.  


The team at JMM has over 80 years of industry experience.  We know your pain and make it our priority to deliver the best fixed asset management solution to assist with managing your facility.  Our team provides all the tools and assistance necessary for you and your staff to confidently use the solutions for everyday operations.  We pride ourselves on our excellent service. 

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Learn how the APEC system can assist with managing your above ground and under ground storage tank needs

About JMM Global

JMM Global is comprised of industry veterans that are now regulatory compliance consultants. We use our collective 80 years of experience to provide an entire suite of services focused on reducing the complexity and liability associated with regulated assets. JMM offers asset management solutions to owners confronted with the mandatory compliance tasks to mitigate risk from fines and violations.